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Cool Dancing Image Java Script Hack for Website (Hacks)

Try this,  the crazy JavaScript code below. Copy it to your clipboard and paste it in the address bar in this browser window. The images should dance around the screen. You should be able to paste this into the address bar on any web page and see the images dance around.

Step 1: Go to an Image rich page (eg:search for flowers in Google Images)

Step 2: Clear the address bar. 

... Read more »

  Category: Programming and Script | Added by: way2yes | Date: 22 Dec 2010Comments (4)

  Programming and ScriptCrazy Cool Javascript to edit any Website Page
dded By: shriya | Date: 21 Dec 2010

Crazy Cool Javascript to Edit any Website Page

How would you feel if you could change any web page from within your Browser , just let your imagination run wild and think of what fun it could be, for example you could change your online results to show you as highest scorer in college or make your adsense earning look in millions ( Now Stop imagining !) Let’s do it.

Step 1: Go to any web page that you want to Edit.

Step 2: Clear the address bar.

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  Category: Programming and Script | Added by: shriya | Date: 21 Dec 2010Comments (7)

  Programming and ScriptBeginning HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript
dded By: Warrior_Knights | Date: 21 Nov 2010

Beginning HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript

An essential update to the key web authoring standards of HTML, XHTML,
and CSS. The existence of Web pages depends on three vital
technologies: HTML (base language that Web pages are written in), XHTML
(standards that define how to write HTML pages), and CSS (standard that
applies formatting styles to Web pages). This new edition provides you
with critical coverage of these three Web authoring standards, and
places special focus on the upcoming releases of HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Serving as a tutorial and reference, this comprehensive resource
explains the basic structure and necessary formatting to create a
static (non-changing) and dynamic (changing) page on the Internet.

Coverage includes:

* Creating Content with HTML ... Read more »

  Category: Programming and Script | Added by: Warrior_Knights | Date: 21 Nov 2010Comments (5)

  Programming and ScriptVisual Media Coding and Transmission
dded By: Warrior_Knights | Date: 31 Oct 2010

Visual Media Coding and Transmission

Wiley | 20090526 | ISBN: 0470740574 | 588 pages | PDF | 10,6 MB

This book presents the stateoftheart in visual media coding and transmission

Visual Media Coding and Transmission is an output of VISNET II NoE, which is an EC ISTFP6 collaborative research project by twelve esteemed institutions from across Europe in the fields of networked audiovisual systems and home platforms. The authors provide information that will be essential for the future study and development of visual media communications technologies.

The book contains details of video coding principles, which lead to advanced video coding developments in the form of Scalable Coding, Distributed Video Coding, NonNormative Video Coding Tools and Transform Based MultiView Coding. Having detailed ... Read more »

  Category: Programming and Script | Added by: Warrior_Knights | Date: 31 Oct 2010Comments (0)

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