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How to Add Article

Welcome all Users to this section.This is for Alldowns new users. Here you can learn that how to add article.Become a part of Alldowns and bring revolutionary change in your life.....

Step 1:

First login your account and then click on Add new Entry or click on Add Article button in User login box.

Step 2:

Then appear a news entry form like this

Step 3:

Then first enter your article title in Entry name then choose category for your article from category.

Step 4:

Then first click on img button to insert image for article. 

Step 5:

When you click on img button a image URL dialog box will be appeare. Then put your image URL here and click on OK.

Step 6:

After insert image Url select text and click on center alignment button to align it in center.

Step 7:

Then put Article name and select text and click on b to Bold and click on center alignment button to align it in center.

Step 8:

Then put full details for your article.

Step 9:

Then put your Download link here and select download link text and click on hide button to hide this download link. 

Step 10:

Then finally click on Add button to submit your Article.

Step 11:

If submission process successfully completed a dialog box will appear with quote "Entry Successfully added ". Then click on close button to add new entry continuously.

Step 12:

Then if you want to add new entry continuously click on clear button to clear previous details and ready for new entry.


How to get Image URL

Step 1:

 First go to the web page where is the Image and then right click on image then click on Copy image URL. In different browser it may be Copy image Location.

Step 2:

Then paste it where you want to use it.

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