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Main » 2010 » November » 21 » Beginning HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript
4:21 PM
 Programming and ScriptBeginning HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript

                   AddedBy: Warrior_Knights | Date: 17 Aug 2022

Beginning HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript

An essential update to the key web authoring standards of HTML, XHTML,
and CSS. The existence of Web pages depends on three vital
technologies: HTML (base language that Web pages are written in), XHTML
(standards that define how to write HTML pages), and CSS (standard that
applies formatting styles to Web pages). This new edition provides you
with critical coverage of these three Web authoring standards, and
places special focus on the upcoming releases of HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Serving as a tutorial and reference, this comprehensive resource
explains the basic structure and necessary formatting to create a
static (non-changing) and dynamic (changing) page on the Internet.

Coverage includes:

* Creating Content with HTML
* Markup Languages
* HTML Values and Units
* What Goes into a Web Document?
* The HEAD Elements
* Text Structuring Essentials
* Character Formatting Essentials
* Lists, Links, Tables, Frames, and Forms
* Multimedia
* Dynamic HTML
* HTML Tools and Variants
* Web Development Software
* Publishing Your Site
* An Introduction To XML
* Creating Mobile Documents
* Tidying and Validating Your Documents
* Controlling Presentation with CSS
* Style Definitions
* CSS Values and Units
* CSS Inheritance and Cascade
* Font Properties
* Text Formatting
* Padding, Margins, and Borders
* Colors and Backgrounds
* CSS Layouts
* Pseudo-Elements and Generated Content
* Dynamic HTML with CSS
* Media Styles and Defining Documents for Printing
* The Future of CSS: CSS3
* User Interface Styles
* Testing and Validating CSS
* HTML, XHTML, and CSS Tips and Tricks

Helpful examples round out this essential guide and will get you up and running with HTML, XHMTL, and CSS in no time!

From the Back Cover

Learn to create attractive web sites that are easy to use. Since the
web was first created, the languages used to build web sites have been
constantly evolving. Now a set of best practices has emerged using HTML
or XHTML to create your basic web pages, CSS to control their
appearance and make them look attractive, and JavaScript to add
interactivity. Without assuming any previous experience, this valuable
resource makes it easy to learn how to build web sites using the most
up-to-date web standards. Whether you’re a beginner eager to start
writing your first web page or a more experienced programmer seeking to
update your skills, you will find practical introductions to these
essential languages, as well as invaluable tips and techniques used by
experienced web professionals.

* How to create HTML and XHTML pages that incorporate links, images, tables, audio, and video
* Ways to use CSS to control text, colors, backgrounds, and page layout
* Design principles employed by experienced designers to create attractive layouts
* The basics of JavaScript and working with AJAX libraries
* How to build sites that are accessible, easy to use, and will work on a variety of devices including mobile phones
* How to test your web site and put it on the web
* First-hand experience of coding practices commonly used in the real world
* The elements of basic text formatting
* Text markup and character entities for special characters

About the Author

Jon Duckett has spent over a decade helping a wide range of companies
implement innovative web strategies. Taking a hands-on approach, he
designs many of the projects he works on¿and helps to code them. During
this time, Jon has written several books covering web design,
programming, accessibility and usability.

Book Details

* Paperback: 864 pages
* Publisher: Wrox (December 30, 2009)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0470540702
* ISBN-13: 978-0470540701

* File Size: 7.7 MiB

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 Category: Programming and Script | Added by: Warrior_Knights | Date: 17 Aug 2022 | Rating: 5.0/2
Total comments: 5
1 shriya   [Entry]
Thankssssssss Warrior I am IT student and this is very useful for me thanks again I like it..................... smile

4 acidburn   [Entry]
where do you go to i want to become a IT right after hight school smile

2 acced   [Entry]
Thanks bro cool post and very useful........... biggrin

3 nani   [Entry]
thank u biggrin biggrin biggrin

5 acidburn   [Entry]
thanks mate smile

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